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Constellation Libra: Life After Earth

By Lauren Smith | August 14, 2010

A Novel of the Future – Constellation Libra – Life After Earth, by Skylar Pharaon
Review By Lauren S. Smith

Constellation Libra: Life After Earth is a moving new saga from author, Skylar Pharaon, about how the human race may evolve if the Earth yields to global warming – and how humanity might react when they face the challenges that this new earth will bring. As the earth becomes uninhabitable, humans look toward the stars and planets to find the answers and mankind becomes caught up in a stirring drama of having to look for someplace else to live.

Pharaon’s story begins “the new world order” that occurs after astronomers discovered a planet eight times the mass of Earth in Constellation Libra. By the year 2099, global warming has cast a shadow across the Earth that human beings realize can’t be overcome. They look toward the huge planet in Constellation Libra as a possible alternative to the planet where life began for them.

Manhatten, Miami and many more of the most beautiful places on Earth have long since passed into the rapidly rising sea levels of the oceans, and populations of the lower regions of Earth have migrated to higher grounds to survive. By the year 2277, the Earth’s population had moved to the only place they could find that would support human life — far from the sun’s solar system and in another galaxy called the Red Dwarf Star System – or Constellation Libra.

Skylar Pharaon draws from her vast knowledge of Astronomy and her numerous travel experiences to Earth’s most beautiful corners to write a book that’s sure to begin a following of eager fans wanting more. Constellation Libra is more than a science fiction novel. Readers will be introduced to some true facts about global warming and its impact on our planet. They’ll also learn about actual new planets that have recently been discovered in our vast solar system and the possibility of habitable planets.

What will happen if planet Earth succumbs to global warming? Will we have the technology it would take to move the entire population to another planet – and what would our new government look like? It’s daunting to think about coming together with the many and varied regions on Earth to begin a new society on another planet, but Skylar Pharaon will certainly make her readers think as they embark on a journey that might very well happen in the future.

Although Constellation Libra is a fictional place, with fictional characters, you’ll be drawn into the story as it addresses present day problems and what they may hold for future generations of earthlings as we struggle to survive after global warming has its way with our environment.

If you like science fiction, you’ll love how Pharaon weaves real-life morality issues with all the “what ifs” that could happen if our planet became an unwelcoming dot in the universe and we had to look for another place to live. Constellation Libra: Life After Earth addresses some of the most serious issues of our times in a way that both entertains and makes us think twice about the decisions we’re making.

Lauren Smith is editor for the Virtual Book Review Network Р[http://www.virtualbookreviewnetwork.com]reviews books by well known bestselling authors and books by soon to be recognized names. This book review covers <http://constellationlibra-thesaga.com?Constellation Libra </a>by  Skylar Pharaon.

Article Source:[http://EzineArticles.com/?A-Novel-of-the-Future---Constellation-Libra---Life-After-Earth&id=4256494] A Novel of the Future – Constellation Libra – Life After Earth

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